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Become an Approved Centre

There is a huge gap in the market for entrepreneurial business men / women to use their knowledge and experience to educate individuals and businesses that have an interest in doing business, in and across Africa through CABE’s Africa Business Management qualification (ABM).

Becoming an ABM approved centre is an opportunity for forward thinking, entrepreneurial minded professional training institutions, who want to lead the market and play a prominent role in developing Africa through training and educating the relevant stake holders, (both indigenous Africans as well as foreign investors), on the best way to achieve operational excellence while conducting business in African markets.

Approved centres will have the opportunity to deliver and facilitate multiple ABM trainings (level 4 and level 6) over the course of the year and to work in partnership with CABE. CABE will provide the training materials when delivering the initial ABM for the centres. These can be used as a blueprint for further courses. CABE will work closely with the centres to deliver a high quality service. There will be a detailed Training manual that will address all the training preparations, training sessions and evaluations. CABE will, on a regular basis, update the content of the courses and provide relevant updated teaching materials such as videos, case studies etc. There will be a yearly training update for all centres. The opportunity is there for further mentoring services, work experience and business planning.

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