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The Process

As an Approved Centre, CABE will enable you to facilitate the ABM.  In addition to the overall marketing and awareness that will be carried out by CABE, approved centres will also be required to carry out additional local marketing and administrative tasks, and you will also deliver the training on the set training day in accordance with the ABM Training Manual. 

All approved centre facilitators will need to be trained by CABE to be able to facilitate the ABM however as part of the induction exercise, there will be two options available the approved centres: 

Option 1: 

You as an approved centre will put together an ABM class (minimum 10 participants) and facilitators from CABE Head Office will deliver the first ABM class. Approved centre trainers can sit in on the teaching as part of the training process. The Train the Trainer course will be delivered immediately after, the length of which will depend on your qualifications and experience (usually 1-3 days). Through this process you will become more familiar with the CABE ethos and training methodology. 

Option 2: 

We deliver the ABM and the Train the Trainer course to you and your staff (facilitators) in your centre, expenses to be paid by the approved centre to CABE.

There will be an exam window for level 4 and level 6 three times a year which will be organised by CABE in co-operation with the approved centres. This is covered in the registration cost.

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