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Benefits of ABM

  • You will be gaining a British qualification, but with a combination of global best practice and local content that is relevant to the African business environment you are operating in
  • You will be more employable both by local organisations as well as multinationals operating in Africa.
  • You will instantly boost your earning potential
  • As an entrepreneur you will immediately be equipped with skills and knowledge that will have an immediate impact on your existing business or business idea.
  • You will have access to networking and relationship building opportunities, and gaining access to global business opportunities.
  • Funding for eligible participants to start or expand their small business of up to £5000
  • Top 10 participants in specific courses will have the opportunity to attend a Management Placement with one of CABE’s corporate partners in the UK, all-expenses paid. (Open to participants from Africa specifically) 
  • Use of the letters QABM (Level 6) or ABMvoc (Level 4) after your name

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