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Africa Management Week


The Programme

Our Africa Management Week programme forms part of the total experience of the African Business Management Programme. It is all about proving opportunity - the opportunity for participants to get a first-hand experience of life in an African country and how these African markets operate. You will enjoy the sights and sounds of your host African city while gaining invaluable experience and interacting with other international participants. 

How Do I Get In?

The programme is designed and reserved exclusively for those who have completed one of our African Business Management (ABM) courses. However, interested participants who have not yet completed an ABM course can sign up for our 10-day Management Week which includes a 3-day ABM course as part of the package in-country.

So what’s in it for You? 

  • Gain a more practical and hands-on understanding of the inner workings of businesses in Africa and their relationship with their local and global customers
  • Gain international business experience and exposure
  • Leave with a further understanding of ‘Africa Best Practices’ and how this relates to the global business market
  • Make yourself more employable by foreign companies hiring for African markets
  • Increase your network of African and international business contacts

What Countries Can You Go To?

  • Nigeria
  • Ghana
  • Kenya
  • South Africa

What Does It Cost?

5 day Management Week - £2,400
10 day Management Week - £3,600


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What Does It Include?

The Africa Management Week package includes the following:

  • Management shadowing (placement) with one of our partner organisations 
  • Excursions to major landmarks and key attractions in the city
  • Opportunity to network
  • Reflection day 
  • Airport pickup and drop off
  • Accommodation
  • 24/7 emergency assistance from staff
  • Welcome orientation on Day One of the programme
  • Visa assistance (if required)

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