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Quality Assurance

ABM written work and practical tasks during the course is assessed by assessors who are monitored by Internal Verifiers, and who also verify all assignments submitted by the participants.  External Verifiers employed by IQ, the Awarding body, regularly sample the ABM qualifications to make sure standards remain of the highest quality. 

Apart from in-class assessments and written assignments, quarterly exams are held to test the knowledge ABM participants have gained during the period of study for the qualification. Dates for the exams are set by CABE in co-operation with the tuition centre. The exams are moderated by both an internal and external verifier to make sure they meet quality standards. You will get e-mail confirmation of the results within 4 weeks of the exam to let you know the outcome.

The management team would be constantly working to ensure that all tuition staff and facilitators meet the quality teaching requirements. All facilitators are qualified to degree level and they will have a teaching qualification as well as practical experience in their field of expertise. They are monitored in various ways and receive regular updated training for content and delivery.  

All participants will have the opportunity to give written and verbal feedback online or directly as feedback is taken very seriously, and the team will use this to continually improve course quality and service. Complaint procedures are in place for the participants. Policies and procedures will be explained before the participant start the ABM course. 

All Approved Tuition Centre facilitators are trained by CABE to be able to facilitate the ABM, and regular training for all centres is a requirement.

CABE’s written and practical assessments for the ABM are set by the course development team and Internal Verifiers, according to the assessment criteria of the qualification accredited by IQ. They will be closely monitored for its effectiveness to assess the knowledge taught and gained. 

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