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Some testimonials from some of our course participants:

“The course provided an in-depth assessment of the realities of trading in Africa which demonstrated the wealth of knowledge that CABE possess. All of my team found the course to be of huge benefit to them and ultimately to our clients. “

- John Tingle, Trade Team Manager - UKTI

"Perhaps the most inspiring and arresting management course I have ever taken. In three days, African business and its potential became worth its weight in Gold!"

- Segun Lawal, Fellow of the John F Kennedy Centre for Performing Arts, Washington DC

"Excellent overview of business context of Africa with specificities of the various countries, markets, and industries."

- Ben Leon, CEO Bravo Lima Executive Coaching and Consulting, UK

"A very informative and useful class. Relaxed delivery of content and outstanding knowledge of Africa."

 - Richard Price, Deputy Project & Security Risk Manager, UK

"The course itself has clear value for CEOs, Entrepreneurs, MDs or high level managers within an organisation. The training you provided was both fascinating and practical, but most importantly left me feeling passionate about Africa and the opportunities it presents."

 - Paul White, International Trade, Essex County Council, UK

"The course was very good overall, very informative and quite useful and interesting throughout.

Both Trainers were very knowledgeable about the subject matter. I loved that they were as eager and open to imparting knowledge as they were to learning from participants and I found the level of the coursework and assessment quite appropriately challenging."

- Lovette Ononuga - CEO Prime Quorum Consulting UK Ltd

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