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African Business Management courses (ABM®)

Africa has always been in the media for various reasons and today, the discussion is all about “Africa the next frontier” and why everyone should invest in Africa - BUT being successful in business in Africa requires specific skills and knowledge. Here at the Centre for African Business Education (CABE), we believe it is time for more Africans to also lend their voices and professional perspectives on how to achieve sustainable success while working or conducting business in African markets. 

Through the development of the ABM® courses, CABE has designed a tool to provide practical business education to individuals and organisations interested in achieving or enhancing operational excellence in Africa, as well as Africans and African businesses within Africa looking to consolidate business practices and expand into other markets.

The completion of your ABM qualification is only the beginning of your amazing journey. Join a community of like-minded qualified ABMs, get access to a host of additional benefits and much more. Have a look at our ‘Community’ section to see what else you can enjoy as an ABM qualified alumnus of CABE.


The Centre for African Business Education has double accreditation from the British Accreditation Council (BAC) and the UK Awarding body, Industry Qualifications (iQ).


  • Practical & Real: The ABM focuses more on the practicalities and on-the ground realities that entrepreneurs and businesses face on a day-to-day basis and how to successfully manage them.
  • Local Knowledge: The ABM will provide you with local practical knowledge of the markets you intend to enter or work within.
  • Flexible: The ABM courses have been intelligently designed with built in flexibility to meet your needs regardless of whether you are going into an African market or trying to achieve greater success in the market you are already in.
  • Authentic Content: The content of the ABM is authentically African, consisting of CABE’s own research and data as well as data from Global Organisations, Think Tanks and reputable Consulting Firms as a foundation. The core content is derived from the practical experience and knowledge of business men and women, as well as professionals working in corporate Africa.
  • A Globally Recognised Structure: The ABM is a UK accredited qualification, accredited at Level 4 and Level 6 on the UK National Qualification Framework. On successful completion of all assessments, participants receive an ABM Award.

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